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JUNG BY THE SEA was originally conceived by Sarah Hall, to mark the centenary anniversary of Jung’s Polzeath Seminars, held in Cornwall in 1923. As a professional artist, art therapist and Jungian analyst living and practicing in Cornwall, Sarah sought to commemorate this historical milestone by staging a celebratory conference aimed not only at Jungian scholars and practicing analysts, but all those who had an interest in Jung, be that directly or indirectly. The hope was to offer something accessible while critiquing Jungian ideas, theories and practices both historically, and in a contemporary context.

​To this end, speakers from the UK and across the world were invited to contribute in the fields of psychological astrology, academic and clinical research, philosophy, religion, mythology & storytelling, and dreams/dreaming.


This inaugural event was held at Polhawn Fort in June 2023, on the Cornish coast, and attracted delegates from across the world and throughout the UK, who all shared a curiosity in and commitment to Jungian ideas and methods.




​Although not yet fully formed, we are looking at developing some seminars, workshops and creative quests/adventures—both here and abroad. If you are interested in what might emerge from this period of post-conference reflection and imaginative spell-making, then please sign up (below) for occasional updates, and we will be in touch as and when the ideas constellate into something tangible.

​We have been focusing on consolidating the range of material, understandings and feedback from the event, towards developing a high quality and accessible digital version of the conference, to be accessed as an ON-DEMAND VIDEO STREAMING package.

Following the Centenary Celebration conference success, we have also received many queries about further IN-PERSON EVENTS. While another large-scale conference is not on the agenda for a while, a number of smaller related ventures are being considered and developed to consolidate and extend upon themes that contributed to and emerged from the collective conference experiences.​


Medusa Snakes  (sea biodegradable materials) Beach Ritual by Sarah Hall, JBS Centenary Event

More information on our priorities, principles and how we run this small not-for-profit initiative can be found in our Transparency Statement, our Sustainability Statement and our policies linked below.


Snakes in the Waves (sea biodegradable materials) Beach Ritual by Sarah Hall, JBS Centenary Event

Although the concept of Jung by the Sea was dreamed up by Sarah, it was brought to life through collaborating with a number of individuals, groups and partners (many friends and colleagues), who all contributed their skill sets and shared in the collective vision.

Since the Centenary Conference, the ongoing development and day-to-day running of the initiative has been led by Sarah, collaborating with long-standing friend and colleague Helen McGilp, who has been the creative pulse behind the web development and visual signature of Jung by the Sea.  

The commitment and specialist contributions of other individuals and organisations—as advisor, speaker, workshop leader, volunteer, participant, partner organisation or professional service provider—have also been instrumental in getting us to where we are, and will continue to play a vital role in shaping our future events and activities. You can find more information about individual contributors/collaborators throughout our website and video-on-demand channel.


Fernpass, Menheniot
Liskeard, Cornwall
PL14 3QZ


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