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Jung by the Sea was developed to offer something accessible for all those who have an interest in Jung, be that directly or indirectly, examining and critiquing Jungian ideas, engaging with THEORY and PRACTICE, both historically and in a contemporary context.

We adopt a flexible approach to continuing personal and professional development, which supports self-driven ongoing learning.  In line with this approach, we set out to extend understanding of place and its role in learning, the generation of knowledge/understanding and development of practice.  Considerations of the environment, accessibility, cultural diversity and historical contexts inform our choice of location and delivery.


The inaugural Jung by the Sea Centenary Celebration provided our first opportunity to blend different approaches to Continuous Professional Development, both within the live conference, and through the Video-On-Demand package. Structured and open activities were developed to engage the mind and recharge practice.


We hope to extend this flexible form of learning and engagement with theory and practice, exploring hybrid live and video possibilities and extending social and interactive opportunities in future developments.  


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​Our aim is to develop and deliver high quality learning experiences by experts in their field.  Each event, live or online, is unique and exclusive to Jung by the Sea.


As one-off independent events, they are not subject to external ‘CPD course accreditation’ processes allied to particular fields, training programmes or business models.


Our events and video packages can be configured to support personal learning planning across a range of fields. Through a transparent approach, we provide each participant with a CPD certificate outlining the ‘direct learning hours’ of the event, which can be used to support credit-based or document based learning schemes.


Aerial footage of-Hawkers Cove, Cornwall (still), Amazing Aerial Agency (Envato license).


Fernpass, Menheniot
Liskeard, Cornwall
PL14 3QZ

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